Portraits in Wood







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 I will burn a portrait onto an ornamental 11X14 piece of wood using a photograph you send me by email or mail. All work is hand done & 100% guaranteed.


Price of $65 includes:

 The piece will be ready for hanging when it arrives. This makes an absolutely great birthday, wedding, anniversary, baptism, christening gift and a memorial. I guarantee they will not have ever received such a unique personal gift; they will cherish it always. Simply send inscription you wish with a photo and I will do all of the rest. 



Personalized Portraits

You may contact me and send image to the e-mail address below to start working on your design:




 Or call me at: 718-441-5029


Sample of 11X14

I also can make a drawing of a person or pet for $29.99; you can see some samples here


When someone’s image is burned into wood people will be asking who is this person for 100’s of years. Very few people will throw out such a work. Photographs will be thrown out but not a piece of art. Most people are forgotten 6 days after they pass. I give you the opportunity to be remembered. Don’t let your name be forgotten. Have people asking themselves “Who was this person?” for many years to come.


Contact Information

$65 for a 11X14 Portrait

You will be billed once project complete

Wood Choices